The Virtual studio

By Black Wolf, the copywriter / art director / writer / overall great guy; comments by the rest of "the team"

Disclaimer: names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

The studio

Dizztal is a young independent gamedev studio that’s been sailing the treacherous waters of game development for some time now. We’re primarily centered around gamedev, but we also generate byproducts in forms of music, comics, drawings, and short movies .

The history

The history of Dizztal is one of struggling for perfection. .

In the beginning, there were many prototypes and scrapped projects. Even the works on this page started somewhere around the year 2016. For over four years all you could see after visiting our domain was this screen.

We did a few game jams (+ one more submission on the old site) in the meantime, and in the end finally finished this website. Thus, welcome!

But it still takes Matilda Horatio forever to do anything. For example: : We’re working on a story driven exploratory RPG called The Prisonmaster. The first backup on google drive reaches as far as to march of 2017. But this one, surprisingly, still holds and will probably happen.

And then of course there are the beautiful works of art produced by the amazing art director of this team, but he won't share because it's too good to associate with the sorry lot he's working with

The Team

Matilda Horatio CEO, Game Design, Programming
Matilda Horatio is our beloved CEO, brave leader, and manager, even though he's an avid bullying enthusiast. And since no one else in the team is a programmer, Matilda Horatio also does all the coding. . A long time turnip farmer at first, he decided he wanted to make video games. So he learned to code. His hobbies are eating, sleeping, being a very lazy person, and debating all kinds of stuff with his spirit animal and best friend - Wolf.

The Black Wolf Lead art director, writer & copywriter
Born the same day as our CEO, The Black Wolf is Matilda's Horatio's lifelong friend and companion. Being an artistic prodigy of the team , Wolf takes care of drawing, coloring, writing, storytelling, and everything concering the art. His story is long as history itself. After being born ........ he finally became an art director at Dizztal.

Lym Level design
Lym is a young lym . He does the level design. He’s been around, and accounts of his past exploits, that sometimes slip his tongue, tend to get quite bizzare. He also likes cashew nuts.

A Cat Audio and sounds
A Cat is a cat. She takes care of whatever sounds or music need be taken care of for our games. Her inherent nature encourages any normal person to bark at it and chase it

Beercan Happyness manager, motivator
Mr. Beercan is there for us when we need some extra motivation . He usually doesn’t do much besides stalking hot chicks on instagram, but we keep him on our payroll anyway.

Uncle Scope Creep Janitor, Quality Assurance, Judgement day
This eldritch horror was already in our office when we moved in. It’s a giant green slug-like creature that doesn’t speak any human language, and all our info about it comes from it’s name tag, stating: “Hello, my name is Uncle Scope Creep, and I’m the janitor.” It moves from one side of the office space to the other all day and all night, with one round taking as long as a week . It’s giant gray moustache goes all the way down to the floor, so he kind of swipes the floor with his moustache, I guess...? It's judgemental stare serves as a quality assurance during our weekly meetings.

CEO Matilda Horatio and art director Black Wolf having a heated debate concerning some dandelions or hortensias or something. And if you started to wonder, yes, this is what most of our heated debates look like, with Matilda Horatio pointing fingers, and me calmly explaining the scientific facts.